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Desktop, mobile, tablet.

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Working with Codesly has been a fantastic experience for The Grower’s Box. The migration of our online flower site from OS Commerce to the Brilliant Retail ecommerce platform was seamless. David and his team have created in Brilliant Retail a product that is easily customizable, and intuitive and user-friendly for a business user. Brilliant Retail is especially adept at managing a large catalog with rich content like ours. Codesly’s work has always been top notch and they have been thorough and very responsive to our unique business needs and requirements.

Jonathan Greene, Co-Founder, The Growers Box

We’re an intentionally small team of experts with decades of combined experience in the web design, development, and content fields. We’ll help you translate your passion into a website that grows your business. Our forte is problem solving – we offer understandable solutions to complete your technology puzzles.

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