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Los Angeles ExpressionEngine Meetup With mithra62

Kelly Sims

Written by Kelly Sims on June 10, 2014

Posted in: expressionengine meetup

This week Codesly is happy to sponsor another Los Angeles ExpressionEngine Meetup. The LAEE is a great group, and acts both a resource and a rallying place for local ExpressionEngine users.

Eric has been a big part of the ExpressionEngine community for the past few years. Between creating some amazing add-ons, writing on several blogs, and speaking at EECI, you’d have a hard time finding someone in the community who doesn’t know his name. He is the founder of mithra62 and proud developer of professional and enterprise grade ExpressionEngine add-ons.

Founded in 2009, mithra62 aims to be a leader in ExpressionEngine add-on development and has a reputation for stability, usefulness, and being highly configurable.

On Thursday, Eric presents “Debugging ExpressionEngine and Improving Performance.”

Finding performance bottlenecks before they start causing issues can be one of the differentiators between a professional ExpressionEngine developer and an amateur dabbler. To help with this, the ExpressionEngine Debug Toolbar is built specifically to alleviate the pains of the built in Profiler and Debug Output by being a complete, from the ground up, replacement. Come join Eric Lamb (the developer behind the EE Debug Toolbar) as he walks us through the ins and outs of the add-on and shows us how to improve the performance of our sites with minimal pain.

We are meeting again at Kleverdog Coworking.

Kleverdog Coworking is not just about the membership options, or the hours, or the comfort of your chair. It is about being in an environment where entrepreneurship is fostered, where other like-minded people come together to make something real, where a casual conversation in the kitchen leads to a perfect collaboration on the latest mobile app, and where working in solitude is replaced with community and where accidental serendipity is bound to happen.

That’s just a short few days away. RSVP today and join us!

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