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The Tools We Use - Evernote - A Little Bit of Everything


Written by Jenn on July 15, 2014

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Next on our list of tools we use to get things done at Codesly is Evernote. Evernote seems to be one of those tools that we are always learning something new about. We dig it because it makes us feel like there are endless possibilities when it comes to better ways of organizing all of our diabolical plots to take over the world.

How We Use Evernote


How don’t we attempt to use this tool? - That’s more like it. From client contacts, to the office supply list, ideas for world peace… We use it so we don’t lose it. Evernote even comes in handy for jotting down notes on how we can use Evernote. Don’t judge.

As a basic client contact card, it works great for storing contact info and previous communication with clients. You can copy it right in or add images and file attachments. We can even add a picture of our client so that we have a face to a name. This is a great way to keep information like this in an easily accessible place for current staff and any newbies that may come aboard.

Contact Card

Client folders also can be a great way to use this tool. We create a folder of each client and store all kinds of stuff. In each client folder we have added a project outline. This project outline gives a streamlined view of all of the basics and then some. We include things like the date of inquiry, project start date, and projected hours for completion of the project. Remember those client contact cards I spoke of earlier? We just plop the contact card links associated to that client right into the project outline along with links for any other relevant files linked to the client. Easy peasy.

We also love using Evernote as a bank of blog ideas and cool links that we may run across throughout the week. Evernote’s Web Clipper is a super convenient way to plop those web pages and link likes right into an Evernote folder.

Enough with the serious work stuff! We like to break away from the week full of post haste with a movie every Friday in the office. Our Codesly Movie Friday ideas and picks get jotted down in Evernote. Here we keep inventory of the movies we would like to see and the ones we’ve watched. This helps to make sure we don’t watch The Princess Bride more than once (in a month). Plus, we can use it as a bragging tool for all of the poor suckers that haven’t been blessed with Movie Friday in their office.

Well… there ya’ go. These are just a few things we’ve learned to use Evernote for. Like I said, we are still fresh on the Evernote scene and are always learning new ways to harness its power. With the ever growing list of things to remember, this is a nice tool to help clear some space in your brain.

If you like the ideas that we’ve had for using Evernote, but you’ll likely forget about them right after you’ve read this- We recommend that you copy this text into Evernote right away!


  • Simon
  • Nov 25, 2014

Nice, I like this series of posts! What are the benefits of using the business version over just using the premium version and sharing notebooks? My team currently uses Google Drive to achieve something similar, did you try using this before you settled on Evernote Business? Cheers!

  • Kelly Sims
    Kelly Sims
  • Nov 26, 2014

Hi Simon. We did use Google Drive a little bit, but honestly I’m not a big fan of letting Google into every nook and cranny. I was already using Evernote personally, so I suggested we try it for the business.

Some things I really like about the business version are that it’s really easy to get things into it. Email, browser extension, apps for all our devices, all make that easy.

We also use it as a writing tool, a note taking tool during meetings, and it works well for presentations too.

It has it’s drawbacks though. A big one for us was that creating a new business notebook didn’t automatically make it available to everyone. Each person has to add the notebook.

Other than that, it’s been great.

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