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Anto is a family owned and operated bespoke shirt company based in Beverly Hills, CA. For decades they have been provided the highest quality tailored shirting to the world’s top clientele, including much of Hollywood. You’ll find Anto shirts in many of Hollywood’s biggest hit movies.

With such an impressive history, Anto needed a website that reflected this. Codesly proposed redesigning their existing website into a fully responsive ecommerce online store. When you walk into their Beverly Hills store to order your new Anto shirts, you are treated like royalty. Anto walks you through the process of measuring and discussing your style and needs. When Anto is finished, you are presented with custom, hand-crafted shirts just for you. It’s something you should experience at least once in your life.

Anto wanted to allow people who could not make it into their store to get close to that hand-crafted, custom fit. In addition to their BrilliantRetail-powered ecommerce store, Codesly designed and built a custom shirt configurator. This was not an easy task. Anto stores thousands of fabrics, many of which are specific to certain shirt-types. Now completed, you can build and design your very own Anto shirt. With over 18 different options to configure on every dress, formal/tuxedo and sport shirt, you really can get a custom look and fit.

When creating such complicated ecommerce stores, it’s very easy to forget about speed. Codesly knows that customers won’t sit and wait for pages to load, meaning lost sales. So we worked hard to fine tune, compress, cache and streamline our code so that every page loads as fast as possible. And because the website is responsive, it loads well on all devices. You can even create that custom shirt on your iPhone 6.

Codesly is very honored to have been able to help Anto with their new website, and we are proud to call Anto a continued client. We work with Anto to fine tune the site, make updates, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

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